Support is one of our most important tasks. Every application needs continual development and long-term support to increase the efficiency of the processes and contribute to its success. An application must be lightning fast and technically flawless. Our team supports manufacturers, distributors and retailers worldwide.

Our support services in detail

You can leave all your technical questions to us and we will take care of your business application and do everything to ensure it works 24/7. Our support team has plenty of experience and is capable of many standard and non-standard tasks – the elimination of bugs, implementation of feature requests, upgrades and updates. Thanks to our experience, we can advise you in detail and efficiently implement the solutions we propose, regardless of whether it is the application itself or other related processes.

  • Maintenance” – Even when a project-responsible employee is absent, your problems are solved. We make sure that your server runs flawlessly, giving your the best performance.

  • Troubleshooting” – Despite the correct development and support, technical errors can occur. We can fix them – in case of emergency, even over weekends and holidays.

  • Optimization and further development” – We continuously work to improve your application. We install new modules, develop new functions and optimize existing functions to improve productivity.

  • Updates and upgrades” – We carry our updates and upgrades for you in good time to ensure that your application is always up to date.

  • Automation of business processes” – We simplify and automate your business processes, so you can devote your time to more important issues.

  • System connections” – We connect your application to ERP systems, marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc.) and other third party systems that you require for your business model.

  • Hosting and cloud administration” – We take care of hosting and provide server resources to achieve the best performance. If necessary, we migrate your systems to more appropriate infrastructures.

  • Security” – We will set up regular push or pull backups. Every project is supported by a version control system so that a previous version can be activated at any time.

  • Monitoring” – There are automatic checks of whether your application is online. If not, the system will inform us immediately, so that we can quickly solve the problem.

  • Down-time prevention” – We react quickly, if necessary also on weekends. Due to timely maintenance, possible errors can be reduced to the absolute minimum.


We are glad to support you!

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Your advantages

We look after and support solutions based on AtroCore, AtroPIM and AtroDAM. For these systems, our developers can create modules, connectors and extensions.\nYour business application is in safe hands with us!

We offer top price-performance ratios and optimal solutions.

Our professional and personal support is available from 08:00 till 17:00.

We have short reaction times, in cases of emergency also on weekends and holidays.

We offer our customers full transparency in the development process and create detailed cost statements.