About us

AtroCore GmbH is an independent, owner-managed software company based in Regensburg, Germany. Our primary goal is long-standing and trustworthy business relationships with satisfied customers. This is ensured by our technical know-how, the high-quality and transparency of our work, and competent customer support.

What drives us forward?

We are a team.
We are motivated.
We are team players.
We are proactive.
We love what we do.
We are successful.
We are developing.
We have practical ideas.
We are flexible.
We are professional.
We are fair.
We would be glad to help you!

Our services



We help you launch AtroPIM to best meet your business goals.



We would be pleased to consult you on how you can most effectively implement your business processes with the help of AtroPIM.



Migrate your data from other systems - Pimcore, Akeneo and others with pleasure.



We will gladly assist you even after the launch. We are focused on long-term cooperation and continuously develop your solution.



We integrate AtroPIM for you with any third-party systems and can also ensure fully automated data exchange.



We program the additional functions and plugins for you to map your processes exactly.

Project Management

We organize our work processes efficiently to get expected results. A key factor here is efficient and goal-oriented project management, which includes the planning, control, monitoring and review of progress and results with the customer during each step of the project. We ensure the qualitative and punctual realization of your project by consulting the customers first and only then taking care of the implementation. Project Manager is permanently assigned, always available, and takes full responsibility for a project. We focus on agile project management and are open to changes of any kind in the project process. Every customer gets full access to our project management and reporting system.


We understand our customers as partners with whom we work together on a project. The efficient, timely and solution-oriented communication between the agency and the customer creates the basis for the constructive and trusting cooperation in the project and contributes to faster and more secure target achievement. We always stay in contact and are happy to advise you from start to finish on your project. We look forward to your call and advise you on all questions. Let us advise you personally! In a personal conversation, many open issues regarding the project can be easily clarified. As part of a desktop sharing consultation you will be accompanied by our support team online. Your e-mail inquiries will be processed as soon as possible. With our ticket system you can create, concretize and adapt the tasks.


For our customers we create online stores with Magento, OXID and Shopware. Development takes place in sprints. In this way, the customer gets to see the first work results very early, has full budget control, and can adjust the development process at any time as requirements or project goals change. Our permanent team ensures the project realization, as each team member is responsible for what he/she does best. We use GIT. Thanks to GIT any older version of the software can be restored at any time. Our Issue- und Bug-Tracking System allows us not to skip or forget any bug or problem. We always work with test and live environment. The latest version is always available in the test environment.

Quality Assurance

Quality is important to us. We take care to deliver qualitative work results. All intermediate results are checked in detail by our tester before they are presented to the customer. The standardized work process, the specialization of the employees and the use of special tools make this possible. Code Review is an integral part of our development. Each line of code is automatically reviewed by a CI tool and manually verified by a senior PHP developer. We organize a permanent project team with fixed responsibilities – a project manager, front-end and back-end developers, designers and QAs. There is at least one QA (often a business analyst at the same time) assigned to a project to ensure the quality of the work results before acceptance. We use the automated testing tools in order to provide quality control and assure cross-browser compatibility.