AtroPIM – configurable, open source PIM solution

AtroPIM is an open source Product Information Management (PIM) system that enables the collection, completion and unification of all technical and sales-related product information as well as its distribution via various online and offline channels. AtroPIM can work with a variety of sources for data import and is multichannel-capable when publishing the data – the data is available via both CSV files and API. AtroPIM forms a central repository for all your product information. Forget about article editing in your "favoured" Excel tables or CSV files and work instead with AtroPIM!

Why AtroPIM?

AtroPIM is built on a flexible and customizable business application platform with API-centric architecture. AtroPIM offers you an excellent PIM system, incredible flexibility in the configuration, customization and further development of your specific solution, taking account of all your special features. With our solution, you get everything you need for efficient work - the ability to configure entities and layouts, teamwork and activities as well as business process management, workflows and reports (available in the Advanced Pack).

How does it work?


Product data is collected


  • FTP and files


  • Databases

  • MMS and ERPs

  • Store software

  • Other sources


Product data is optimized

  • structured

  • completed

  • improved

  • translated

  • localized

  • controlled


Product data is distributed

  • Data export

  • Online stores

  • Websites

  • Catalogs

  • Mobile apps

  • Point of Sales


As an open-source PIM system, AtroPIM is particularly well-suited for work in connection with all popular shop systems. We are happy to develop the connectors for the following shop systems:

Advantages of AtroPIM

AtroPIM is a modern system with many advantages - for users, administrators and developers.

100% open source and extensible

As an open-source PIM system, AtroPIM can be customized and extended as required. Thus, every customer request is realizable.

Fast and easy user interface

AtroPIM is fast, intuitively understandable and has a modern and comfortable user interface. You can even use AtroPIM on smartphones as a real app.

Integration with any third-party system thanks to the REST API

Thanks to the REST API, AtroPIM can be connected to any third-party system, both for data import and for the data publishing.


AtroPIM offers many functions directly from the box to make the management of product data and catalogs very flexible.


You can customize the data model of AtroPIM completely to your own needs directly from the admin area.


AtroPIM is web-based and thus platform-independent. You don’t need a permanent job.

Role-based permissions at entity and field level

In AtroPIM, you can define any roles and teams and determine their permissions, even at field level.

Low costs and short time-to-market

Thanks to high flexibility and configurability, the solution can be implemented at low cost and in the shortest possible time.

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Our services

As a developer of AtroPIM, we offer AtroPIM solutions in line with your specifications and needs. Our solutions help you to optimize and automate the work related to product information. We completely take over the configuration and implementation of the AtroPIM for your business, advise you in detail, offer possible solutions for your tasks and special features and implement them. Of course, we also support you after project implementation.



We will help you with the implementation of AtroPIM to achieve your business goals in the best possible way.



We are pleased to advise you on how you can implement your business processes most effectively with the help of AtroPIM.



You can migrate your data from other systems - Pimcore, Akeneo and others.



We will gladly support you even after implementation. We aim for long-term cooperation and will continuously develop your solution



We program the additional functions and modules for you to map your processes precisely.



We integrate AtroPIM into any third-party systems and can also ensure fully automated data exchange.