Each project is complex and versatile, so the requirements are always different. We also develop web-based solutions that are tailored to your needs, whether you need a complex application or a simple module. We cover all aspects of the web development process – from requirements analysis to development, testing and support.

Front-end and Back-end development

In both front-end and back-end development, we rely on proven frameworks that speed up the development process and simplify developer collaborations. We pay attention to the performance and the efficient implementation of the customer requirements.

Front-end development” – Front-end is a user interface of a web application or a website that is displayed to the user. That is why our designers develop attractive and user-friendly interfaces, that helps your site to stand out of the crowd. If the functions of a web application need to be complex, our designers make sure that all blocks are logically placed and UI is easy-to-use. User interfaces usability is always our priority.

Back-end development” – Back-end development means server-side programming. We use an object-oriented approach and popular modern frameworks which structure and simplify development. This modular approach allows step-by-step expansion of existing systems and makes the adaptation of existing solutions easier. Our web applications are always open source and can be customized by other developers.

Development process

You will actively participate in the development process starting with the concept phase, discussion of the mockups up to the technical development of the application, so that the information flow is most effective in both directions. The project implementation is divided into sprints (according to SCRUM approach), ie we define the tasks together with you, create a cost estimation for the upcoming sprint and accomplish it. At the end of a sprint, the tasks are approved and paid by the customer. Then we discuss the second sprint and also accomplish it, and so on. You decide whether the product is good enough or if an additional sprint has to be implemented, thus maintaining full cost control. Each sprint lasts from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the arrangement, so you can see the first results very quickly. If necessary, we train your employees and prepare the necessary documentation. After the project goes live we provide support on request.

1. Conception

Before we begin planning, we organize a kickoff meeting with you to understand your business processes and specific requirements better. Based on this, we design a professional concept and initial project offer.

2. Planning

The project implementation is realized in sprints: before the start of each individual sprint, we define and agree with you the tasks to be implemented in the sprint (sprint backlog). The developers and testers evaluate the time needed for each task implementation.

3. Development

After the sprint tasks are clearly defined, they will be implemented within 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the agreement). Then the individual functions are tested manually and automatically by a tester.

4. Release

When all tests are successfully completed, the work results are presented to the customer and approved by the customer. The desired adjustments and extensions are added to the next sprint. If necessary, the live version


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Why Our Software?

  • You have an own all your data, always!

  • 100% open source and extensible

  • Integration with any third-party system thanks to REST API and numerous connectors

  • Our software is extremely flexible and configurable

  • Role-based permissions at entity and field level

  • Automation of all thinkable processes

  • Fast and comfortable user interface, also for smartphones

  • Large number of features right out of the box

  • Low implementation costs and short time-to-market

Web Application Advantages

Access from anywhere

Due to web-based technologies, your applications can be used anywhere in the world, regardless of location. You, your employees, and your customers can access up-to-date data in real-time from anywhere.

Compatible with all operating systems and devices

We develop web-based applications, so they work flawlessly on all end devices (also on smartphones and tablets) and under all common operating systems.

No license fees

We rely on 100% open source solutions. As a result, you can avoid frequent expensive license costs, no matter at how many locations and workstations your application is used.

Flexible authorization concept

Depending on your needs, your web app is based on specific rights, roles, and user/group permissions.

High data security

The security of your sensitive data is our highest priority. For this reason, we use comprehensive tools to protect your data permanently.

Customized to your needs

We help you to implement solutions that reflect your business processes, offering your company a competitive edge.

Simple and intuitive user interface

We develop web applications in accordance with modern UX designs. The app will have a simple structure with logical navigation and self-explanatory front-end elements. This means that every customer or employee is equally familiar when interacting with the app.

Less paper and Excel

Web applications reduce paperwork. They also allow you to leave out Excel for data processing in your company. If your Excel data has reached a larger scale, becoming cumbersome and confusing, it is a clear sign to move to a web-based application.

Why us?

As a young but experienced software company, we are completely responsible for the realization of your project, from concept and design to individual function development, quality assurance and employee training. On the one hand, we always try to look at your processes and problems from an “external view”, but on the other hand we will share our other project experience with you.

We offer top price-performance ratio and optimal solutions.

We would be happy to meet with you personally in your or one of our offices to discuss your project.

Changes to customer requirements are always welcome and can be realized quickly due to our sprint development.

We have implemented our work processes to deliver the best quality.

We offer full project transparency and modern project management according to SCRUM methodologies.

You get a permanently assigned project team, consisting of specialists with the necessary skills.